Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Image from Greek Mythology

More than just a goddess of retribution, Nemesis held an important role in human affairs. When humans got above themselves, showing overweening pride before the gods, this goddess stepped in to remind mortals where their limits lay. In ancient Greece, hubris was an offense in law as well as a tragic flaw in classical drama.

Nemesis countered the idea of impunity. She made certain that those who committed crimes  did not get away without due punishment.

On the other hand, she worked against the imbalance caused when through the offices of Tykhe, certain individuals benefited inordinately by sheer good fortune. When undeserving individuals got too lucky, there, too she could step in to take them down a peg.

Overall, Nemesis created balance in life, satisfying the need of mortals for a sense of natural justice. It is with this idea in mind that we use the word her name as a word today.

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