Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pink sky at night to remember a furry friend

Such a sunset sky suggests consolation on this sad day, when our beloved cat, Professor Plum, went to Furry Heaven. He's been a wonderful friend and companion since my husband and daughter brought him home from the SPCA. She was twelve; soon she'll be twenty-eight.

I'm thankful for his peaceful passing, after he had a last day of sunshine, cuddles and patrols on the back porch.

Pink sky at night, sailor's delight, as the saying goes, presaging better weather ahead. We love, and  we lose those we love. We must feel our grief, then let it go, and focus on the happy memories that we'll carry for a lifetime. As life flows forward, we must keep letting go, allowing the past become part of the history that has formed us until this present moment.

My life has changed, and I must accept that. No furry friend to love, feed and cuddle this morning. For sixteen years, ours has been a home with a pet. Now it is one without.

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