Monday, May 25, 2015

Writer and storyteller Richard Wagamese breathes into the story

To Richard Wagamese, writing is a spiritual path. This is what he said about his practice at CAA CanWrite! 2010 in Victoria.

"If I want to harness that energy, I have to breathe. And that is how I always begin. When I work out of that place, magic happens. With faith, trust and courage, I can go there every day.

The physical senses are the tools of storytelling. All of us are tribal people. We all long to sit around a fire and hear one voice speaking. If we can hear it, this voice can fill us. Go back and find out how the Viking sagas were told.

You (audience of writers) were blessed into the story campfire when you came here. We are meant to conjure stories for our human brothers. You have experienced enough now. You can do that too. Have faith – trust that you can find an insight that heals."

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