Friday, July 3, 2015

Amun-Ra, Egyptian god of the air

In this image from Ancient Egypt, Amun-Ra is seen on his throne, wearing his hat with its decoration of ostrich plumes.

The King of the Egyptian pantheon in Upper Egypt, Amun is believed to have existed in the imagination of his ancient people from the inception of their religion.

He was a supreme creator, the god of fertility and life, and was called by many names including Am, Amen, Amoun, and Amon. In neighbouring cultures, the Greeks equated him to Zeus and the Romans to Jupiter. He was also worshipped in Nubia.

Patron saint of the city of Thebes/Karnak, he was responsible for all life, and was father of the Pharaohs. Over time he was combined with the Ra deity, becoming Amun-Ra.

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