Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Image from egyptianmyths

Tefnut was the goddess of rain and moisture. Like Sekhmet, she has the head of a lioness. Strongly associated with sun and moon, she carries the sceptre of power and the ankh of life, and bears the solar disk on her head.

Tefnut took as a consort her dry brother Shu, and together they produced Geb and Nut, who represented earth and sky.

Legend says that Tefnut and Shu went into the waters of Nun, chaos, causing their father Ra to believe they were lost. The tears of joy he shed on their safe return were transformed into the first humans.

Another story has the leonine Tefnut rampaging into Nubia, depriving the land of all the needed moisture until she was reconciled with her father Ra.

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