Friday, April 14, 2017

Kevin Spenst hosts Canadian Authors' Poetry Panel

Wednesday at the Alliance for Arts and Culture, Canadian Authors-Metro Vancouver celebrated a Night of Verse. Host poet Kevin Spenst (right) calls Kevan Cameron, aka "Scruffmouth the Scribe" (left), "a force for dub and diligence to the spoken word." Adele Barclay is "a force of poetic benevolence and dreamtime surrealism." Rob Taylor (left below) is "a force for poetical organizations on the page and across the country." Added Spenst, "What fun it was being able to help promote these great talents." See below:

Photo credits: Group shot by Margo Bates, other photos by Kevin Spenst

Evocative lines heard during the presentation:

A.B. "to make maple syrup from autumn" and "the ink of your letters is so like you I don't need to read them."

K.C. "Scruffmouth" "buzzer rang like a wrong answer on a quiz show" News flash! Kevan has been chosen for the Callaloo Creative Writing Workshop at Oxford University this coming July.

R.T. "hammers woke me today" and "have to go before you start hoovering"

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