Saturday, April 1, 2017

Pursued by a wild mustang of memory

Once upon a time, I drove a Mustang. It was much like this, but a slightly earlier model. It was green too, but a green less appealing than this one. It was also less well-maintained. Front-heavy and back-light, it was hard to handle in snow. One year I nearly spun it out on the road to the Blackcomb parking lot, then brand new.

While I was parked on Broadway, this one pulled up behind my current car, a Mazda sedan. Seeing the galloping pony logo evoked memories of trips in my long-ago frisky horse.

It may be consumer-driven, short-sighted, even corrupt and foolish to define ourselves by what products we buy. That said, I must add that no car company, ever, has topped the Mustang logo.

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