Saturday, May 7, 2011

At last I did it!

Photo: The collection is named after the last poem, Earth Abides

I've finally published my first chapbook. Some of these poems go back twenty years or more. The first time I discussed the project was with a friend from Edmonton was at least fifteen years ago. Her encouragement was one of the early conversations that put in place the determination that I would eventually put my poetry out there. Between then and now, the help, encouragement and advice of many people moved me toward the day of this publication.

As part of my work at the Writers' Studio at SFU, I took a publishing course with Mary Schendlinger. When she assigned us to plan and budget for a publication project, I knew I knew the time had come not only to plan my poetry chapbook, but to make it happen.

Finally, my little book of poetry is out in the world, waiting for its audience to discover it.

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  1. Amazing Carol! They look so good. I can't wait to see the real things. Congratulations!