Saturday, May 28, 2011

OK baby, let's edit

Grammar bites, you say? Grammar aficionado Frances Peck begs to disagree. She likes it, even in the early morning. Frances will be delivering Grammar Bytes at 8:15, and a couple of times more before the conference is over.

Editing in the age of E-everything kicks off officially this morning with a keynote address by veteran Vancouver journalist Shelly Fralic. Following that, editors will adjourn to a variety of sessions on educational publishing, workshop delivery, storytelling, indexing the memoirs of politicians and much more.

With an hour for lunch, participants will have the opportunity to socialize. Some will enjoy catch-up time with out-of-town friends while others may choose to swap their latest information.

Afternoon sessions offer a panel on editing for digital media, info on starting an editing business, twediting (and yes, that is spelled correctly). Two indexing sessions and a French language session for editing online courses are also offered in the afternoon. After a refreshment break for networking, EAC members will attend the AGM.

The EAC Awards Banquet will take place at the Segal School of Business. While enjoying a three course meal, the assembly will cheer for their colleagues who have won this year's awards.

The final part of the evening is just for laughs. EAC members always enjoy the annual OOPs awards, featuring the bloopers that have been voted most hilarious. The conference continues tomorrow.

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