Saturday, May 21, 2011

Making clothes for dolls and teddy bears

Photo: At a Montreal monument, George sports a white linen suit with silk shirt and boutonniere
With the freshness of imagination, kids can make nearly anything. As a kid, I loved to make clothes for dolls and teddy bears.

My first efforts were disappointing. The seams gaped and the buttonholes were sloppy. As our Welsh neighbour said, upon inspecting some of my hand-sewn button holes, "The stitches should be smaller, dear. You must have patience."

But patience didn't arrive till much later. Meanwhile, I kept sewing. Discarded clothing was treasure. A worn-out crinoline became a doll's bridal veil; an old sock a sweater vest for Teddy.

Many years ago when my daughter got George, she asked me to make him a wardrobe. Over a period of years, we created many outfits. To this day, I see a bit of cloth and think, "That would be nice for George." The part that sews for George never seems to grow up.

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