Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Roof of North America

Photo, afternoon view on the Yellowhead highway

The Rocky Mountains form a long chain that acts as a backbone to the continent.

Driving through the Yellowhead Pass last summer, I saw the headwaters of the Fraser River, which rises as little more than a creek, high up in those mountains.

The Fraser, which flows into the Pacific at Vancouver, is only one of the mighty rivers arising in the Northern Rockies. From there, water finds its way to the Arctic Ocean and to Hudson Bay on the Atlantic.

From southern Alberta and Montana, the Milk River flows into the Missouri River and thence to south to the Gulf of Mexico.

Thought I haven't been able to pinpoint it, the actual roof of the continent, from which water flows to three oceans and the Gulf of Mexico, must be there in the southern Rockies.

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