Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Amtrac station in green Eugene

By the second week of March, the old cherry trees that flank the Amtrak station were festooned with delicate blossoms.

A European style train called the Amtrak Cascades leaves Vancouver a couple of times a day, and travels to Eugene in about 10 hours, passing through Seattle, Tacoma, Salem, and Portland and other stops enroute.

Some Amtrak trips involve a combination of train and bus travel. The route follows the coast, and passes by a scenic series of volcanoes including Mt. Baker, Mt. Hood, and Mt. Rainier. The stratovolcano Mount St. Helen's, which erupted in 1980, is also on view from the train.

Below left is a living roof in green Eugene.
Right is the Hult Centre, arts and concert space.

If Wordcrafters in Eugene holds its conference at the Hilton in Eugene again next year, maybe I'll come by train.
The station is less than three blocks from the hotel, the Hult Centre and much more.

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