Thursday, April 3, 2014

Local Knowledge USA

Image from Associated Press

Crossing the border into the US a couple of weeks ago, I was shocked to notice that the speed limit on the I-5 was only 70. "I'll never get to Eugene at this rate," I grumbled to myself, then noticed that cars were passing me on both sides.

Ah, yes, I remembered. 70 mph, not km/h. There was a time when we used that measurement here, but it is so long ago that I have seem to have finally adapted to the metric system.

I squinted at my speedometer. Grateful to see the mph numbers on the inside, I set the cruise control and rolled down the highway at the posted speed.

In Everett, I pulled off to get some gas, and had a momentary shock when I saw the price: $3.89. Oh, right, that's per gallon. Not imperial gallons, like we used to use here, but US gallons. They have their own gallons, not those four-quart ones named for the British Empire.

Welcome to Klamath County, read the sign. Another subtle difference. We don't have counties in Western Canada.

And in the US, they have no loonies or toonies. Change is made with dollar bills and quarters.

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