Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Debris watch, tsunami warnings

Like the west coast of Vancouver Island, the formerly pristine Oregon coast is now getting debris from the Japanese tsunami of 2011.

That huge wave followed Japan's gigantic and spectacularly destructive quake, the 7th largest ever recorded. It devastated the country and sent waves of nuclear radiation into the Pacific.

The message is clear. There is no place separate from any other, and none of us is separate from the others.

We are all one, and must do what we can individually to take care of one another, and the Earth, our mother, along with all the life she sustains.

Over eons, Earth constantly renews herself. Some of this change is gradual. Yet cataclysms are part of this renewal too: volcanic action, earthquakes, and glaciation. I hope we humans can moderate our destructiveness enough that we, and the species our activities are currently endangering, can continue to be part of the ecosystem of this planet.

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