Friday, September 30, 2016

Mothers and daughters walk across the High Level Bridge

As a newlywed in 1946, Mom was afraid to walk across the High Level Bridge with Dad. On a fine September evening, I walked across with Yasemin, at her behest. Sadly, my mother neither met my husband nor saw her granddaughter. She died before we were married and our daughter was born.

"Mompy should be here," I said. 

"She is." My daughter was referring to the picture I'd shown her earlier. I'd photographed an old photo and had it on my cellphone: a nice image of the grandmother she never met. Oddly enough, the High Level Bridge opened in 1913, the year of my mother's birth.

It felt good to make that journey, all three of us. Below, Yasemin demonstrates the use of the Sit and Chill Bench, where we rested before the return trip. It's located near the entrance to the University, the Highlevel Diner, and the High Level Streetcar crossing. 

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