Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Magic of Clonmacnoise III

The Celtic Cross is a common symbol that dates back to prehistory. With roots in the ancient past, it also became important in early Irish Christianity.

The Celtic cross combines the traditional form of the cross with the circle, which was an early symbol of the sun.

According to Edward G. Seller, when the Irish Celts were first Christianized, they used this prayer:

Circle me, Lord; keep fear without, keep joy within.
Circle me, Lord; keep complaining without, keep peace within.
Circle me, Lord; keep despair without, keep beauty within.
Circle me, Lord; keep deceit without, keep mercy within.

Sadly, the inscriptions on most of the large Celtic crosses at Clonmacnoise have eroded and been overgrown by lichen. Most are unreadable.

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