Monday, June 16, 2014

Peat dries in the bog

Photo by Jackie A. Carter

This field of peat has been cut neatly and laid to dry. It was likely harvested last fall and will be collected this year and stored for burning.

Irish bogs are famous; this one is in County Offaly. Central Ireland and Galway have two types of bogs, special wetlands with rare plants.

Raised bogs are currently being restored in Ireland. Many blanket bogs can be seen along the west coast; in fact, Ireland possesses 8% of the world's supply of this type. These wetlands are cared for by a special Conservation Council.

Just as bogs preserve ancient wood, they can hold the bodies of those long dead in a state of partial preservation. According to Matt McGrath, the mummified remains of Cashel Man, discovered in County Laois in 2011, predate the mummy of Tutankhamen by 500 years. 

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