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Green represents growth and renewal, since most plant life is green. Looking at green views is thought to be restful on the eyes.

Green is also the colour of healing. In the middle of the spectrum, green represents balance between mind and emotions and corresponds to the heart chakra.

Yet we can also be "green with envy" or taken over by the "green-eyed monster" of jealousy.

Furthermore, green is associated with being a novice, as reflected in expressions such as "greenhorn," and "green recruit." On the other hand, there are the US special forces. This is not a group of greenhorns; to be a Green Beret requires rigorous training and lots of experience.

Green is used as a noun in such expressions as "the green" where golf balls fly, and the "village green," traditional centre of English village life. Mythical figure Robin Hood lived in the green- wood, and many pubs in the British Isles are named after The Green Man of the forest, who has roots in a distant and shadowy past. This past summer he was celebrated at a music festival in Dublin Castle.

Then there are greens, like lettuce and broccoli and kale. Those are the Vitamin A-rich anti- oxidant vegetables that maintain a healthy nutritional status.

"The Wearing of the Green" is a song about the English attempt to repress Irish rebellion by outlawing the wearing of the symbolic colour green. Today, the green part of the Irish tricolour flag still represents Catholic and republican Ireland, while the orange represents Protestants.

In fact, green is an important colour symbolizing the rain-rich and largely agrarian "Emerald Isle."  However, it is not the only land of green; in his hymn Jerusalem the poet William Blake also extolled England as a "green and pleasant land."

Green, purportedly a hue favoured by the Prophet Mohammed, is also an important colour in Islam. It is featured on the flags of many countries with large Muslim populations, and frequently worn by people of Islamic cultures.

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