Saturday, October 18, 2014


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"Yellow is the colour of my true love's hair," sang folk artist Donovan in the sixties. It was also the era of the advertising slogan "Blondes have more fun," and memories were still fresh of the saucy blonde curls of a young Marilyn Monroe.

Good for hair, bad for courage. Yellow-bellied used to be a slang term for cowardly. Strange, when we consider that yellow is the colour of the solar plexus chakra, the seat of decision and determination. Yellow is also associated with the intellect.

In Chinese symbology, yellow was the emperor's colour. As was the case with royal purple in Europe, once in China only royalty were allowed to wear brilliant yellow robes.

Yellow roses have traditionally meant goodbye, as Bobby Darin sings about this in his song "Eighteen Yellow Roses Came Today." Another great version of this old song is by Sean O'Farrell.

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