Wednesday, October 22, 2014


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A violet is one of a group of tiny but lovely flowers that includes the larger violas and the velvety napped African violets

Violet is a woman's name, though it is now seen as rather old-fashioned, and is rarely used today.

Violet, the colour of the seventh or crown chakra, is associated with higher consciousness and is a healing colour.

Violet purple is associated with spirituality and also with royalty. In the past, only kings and queens were permitted to wear royal or Tyrian purple, a rare dye made from murex shells.

It is a secondary colour, made by mixing two primary colours: warm red and cool blue. Thus it has both the cool calming features of blue and the hot intensity and energy of red.

Violet has the shortest wavelength of the colours on the spectrum, and is hard to discriminate.

Rarely, people have violet eyes. The movie star Elizabeth Taylor was one on them.

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