Tuesday, October 21, 2014


 Indigo tulip image from empower yourself

Indigo, the hue of the brow or third eye chakra, is considered a spiritual colour. It is associated with indigo children. This group of young people, born mostly since 1980, tend to be creative. They often question or rebel against certain values that society tries to inculcate into the young. At the same time they share an intuitive sensitivity and the idea that as humans we are all one.

Indigo is a purplish blue dye that comes from a plant called anil, a legume native to the West Indies. It is widely used in dyeing cotton and denim, including that used for common or garden bluejeans.

Anil, by the way, is also a man's, and more rarely, a woman's name, as it was in Anil's Ghost, the novel by Michael Ondaatje.

Near the highest vibrational end of the spectrum, the colour indigo symbolizes perception, intuition, and cosmic consciousness.

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