Saturday, December 5, 2015

Early New Brunswick newspapers

Image of Miramichi Leader from flickr

When Canada was still a group of colonies, the main purpose of the early newspapers, called gazettes, was to inform colonists about government appointments and new legislation. These also carried some marriage and death notices, but only those of "important" people.

The Saint John Gazette was published between 1784 and 1807 and the New Brunswick Courier from 1811-1865. Between 1829 and 1880, the Gleaner served Miramichi and Northumberland County. Many other newspapers came and went during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The Royal Gazette, first seen in 1785, continues to be published in Fredericton by the Queen's Printer.

The Daily Gleaner, a Fredericton paper, dates back to 1889. I have been unable to learn when the first issue of the Miracmichi Leader was published. Perhaps it goes back to the days of the Loyalists.

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  1. The Miramichi Leader used to be the Northshore Leader. The Miramichi Library has issues from way back.