Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Victoria Times-Colonist

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As the name suggests, the Victoria Times Colonist goes back to colonial days. Indeed, it is Western Canada's oldest daily. The current incarnation resulted from a 1980 merger that combined two ancestral papers.

The British Colonist was started by social liberal Amor De Cosmos (his adopted name -- he was born William A. Smith) in 1858. After BC joined Confederation in 1871, De Cosmos was elected and served two years as Premier. 

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The Victoria Daily Times (est. 1884) was the other daily that became part of the Times Colonist.

Today the TC publishes from Tuesday to Sunday. It also supports a Fun Run and literacy projects like Canspell and Raise a Reader.

Postmedia sold it in 2011 to Glacier Media. The first sixty years of the British Colonist, (later, Daily Colonist) are available in a free online archive.

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