Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Chateau Lake Louise

Photo by Drake and Cavendish, the Luxury Hotel and Travel Guide

In 1890, William Cornelius van Horne was not yet knighted. As General Manager of the CPR, he was thinking railroad budget and railway hotels.

Lake Louise in the Rockies, a matchless turquoise gem in a diamond glacier setting, seemed a good place for a hostelry, and van Horne envisioned a simple chalet on its shore.

By 1911, four architects and two fires later, the Chateau Lake Louise had evolved into today's internationally known hotel.

Some famous early visitors were royalty and Hollywood stars. In 1912, the Prince of Wales hiked here; Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip have stayed, along with Prince Rainier of Monaco, Jordanian King Hussein and Queen Noor, and Queen Margrethe of Denmark. The Danish Queen, 71, was a guest at the recent Royal Wedding.

In winter, the Chateau Lake Louise is an important destination for skiiers from all over the world.

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