Tuesday, July 26, 2011

West Coast Express

Photo: West Coast Express at Waterfront

The first morning commuter train leaves Mission City (the old CPR station) at 5:25 am, picks up passengers at 7 other suburban stops, then zooms in from Port Moody, arriving at Waterfront Station at 6:40. There are five morning trains: the last one leaves at 7:25 and arrives at 8:40.

Then those alluring purple and white trains sit at Waterfront until it's time for the evening runs. Sharing the tracks with other trains limits them to morning westbound and evening eastbound service for commuters only, Monday to Friday.

It's a trip I've always wanted to make. When I ride, I will go with a fellow train buff. We'll sip at our cappucinos and chat while enjoying the sea view. Then we'll spend a leisurely day in Vancouver, doing the museums and galleries, and having a late lunch before train time. Now that's a day worth planning for. We'll feel like ladies of leisure, from some Agatha Christie past.

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