Friday, July 1, 2011

Dream of inner homecoming

All my life I've dreamed about bridges. Sometimes these dreams appear in a series of three. This was the third of three, and I was waiting for it.

The first of this group of dreams involved Lake Samish. After the most recent one a few months ago, at last this long-awaited dream arrived. In this one, I was driving across the Alex Fraser Bridge in the dark, knowing I was on my way.

Even while I slept, I felt the excitement. This was definitely the one. This unmistakable signal of the inner journey into new-old parts of myself had come at last.

In the dream I didn't know the geographical details of where I was going, but that didn't matter. I had complete faith in the journey. It would take me home to parts of myself I had gradually abandoned in the busy efforts of daily living.

Driving through the night, I glimpsed the shape of a coherent wholeness in my life path. Day by day, my journey has been shaped by the long series of adventures that life has brought me here, focused by the myriad individual decisions I've made.

The dream left me, on waking, with a wide and spacious feeling. I was glad to be returning home to a fuller and wiser self.

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