Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Hotel Vancouver

Photo by Arlene Gee

Like the Empress in Victoria, The Hotel Vancouver dates back to the building of the CPR.

The building seen here is not the original; it was preceded by two other incarnations. The second, in an Italianate style building, served as a troop barracks during the second war.

This one, designed by John S. Archibald and John Schofield, first opened its doors in 1939. The green copper roof and heavily ornamented eaves are typical of the railway hotels of the earlier era.

This hotel also serves afternoon tea. The website defines the dress code as "smart casual." Suits for men or white gloves and hats for ladies are not required.

Music and dancing are associated with The Panorama Roof Ballroom, where the city's legendary band leader Dal Richards began his career.

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